A new, professional vocal ensemble and chamber orchestra in Oklahoma City dedicated to presenting concert experiences that are engaging, exciting and inspiring.

We re-envision what a performing ensemble can be: breathing new life into old masterpieces and bringing fresh vitality to our art.

The Concert Experience

Rooted in the classical tradition, TACTUS performs great music on innovative concert programs. Our repertoire includes music that is more than a thousand years old as well as music that is brand new.

Who We Are

TACTUS is an ensemble of professional singers and instrumentalists with active careers as performers and teachers. Our members are talented musicians who have performed nationally and internationally and who share a love of excellent music-making.

Rather than build a concert around an ensemble — the old model for a symphony concert — TACTUS instead builds its ensembles around the music selected. This allows for flexibility, innovation, collaboration, and artistry at the highest level.

TACTUS (pronounced tock-toos)

is a Latin word meaning touched, moved or felt.

It refers to the pulse or beat that undergirds every piece of music.

Anastasia Abu Bakar

Tucker Bilodeau

Donna Cain

Ai-Wei Chang

Patrick Conlon

Courtney Crouse

Anne Dawson

Matthew Denman

Stephanie Easley

John L. Edwards

Zac Engle

Sam Formicola

Marat Gabdullin

Robert Glaubitz

Tevyn Hill

Kelly Holst

Kelli Ingels

Mark Johnson

Matthew Leese

Angelika Machnik-Jones

Rose Mansell

Megan McClendon

Jessica McCormack

Catherine McDaniel

Mark McCrory

Hannah Murray

Tova Olkinetzky

Current and former members include:

Mark Osborn

Kyle Patterson

Angelica Pereira

Holly Piccoli

Jeffrey Picon

Andrew Ranson

Sophia Ro

Jennifer Scott

Benjamin Shute

Kyle Stegall

Jonathan Stinson

Emily Stoops

Lucas Tarrant

Agnes Vojtko

Autumn West

Ana-Maria Wilson

Yosuke Yamamoto

Tomasz Zieba

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